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Leather Attaché Cases for Men and Women, Custom Personalized Briefcases

We have a huge selection of fine leather attaché cases and briefcase bags at great prices—custom cases with personalized initials, names or logos embossed. We encourage our customers to shop and compare our quality and value; your satisfaction is guaranteed. Men's leather briefcases, women's leather totebags and backpacks with more than fifty different products to choose from. Our executive briefcases make great gifts for any occasion. We offer lawyers' briefcases, business attachés, legal briefcase portfolios and ladies' business cases and travel bags. Our leather backpacks and duffel bags are durable but fashionable. Black, brown, tan and red are just a few of our leather colors.


black leather woman's shoulder laptop briefbag
Women's Shoulder Laptop Briefcase

Item # D-LA1015-1

Price : $220.00

$110.00 WSL

tawny rose croco grain leather woman's laptop bag
Women's Laptop Briefcase

Item # D-LA1012-1

Price : $250.00

$125.00 WSL

dark brown leather slim laptop briefcase
Slim Laptop Briefcase

Item # D-LA1014-1

Price : $210.00

$105.00 WSL

black leather classic flapover brief bag
Classic Flapover Brief Bag

Item #D-LA1013-1

Price : $270.00

$135.00 WSL

black Vaqueta leather rolling carryon case
Vaqueta Rollerboard Carry-on

Item # D-LA1018-1

Price : $580.00

small product photo
Twill and Leather Attache Bags

Item # LA860-25

Price: $75.80

Price : $68.22 WSL

2 tone leather laptop cases
Nylon & Leather Attache Laptop Briefcase

Item # LA812-25

Price : $100.80

small product photo
Lawyer's Attaché Briefcase Bag s

Item # LA813-25

Price : $176.40 WSL

black neoprene laptop sleeve with handles
Black Neoprene Laptop Sleeves with and without handles

Price : $15.95 to $21.49

brown Colombian leather dowel top computer bag
Colombian Leather Computer Bag

Item # LA1159-7

Price : $299.00

black leather computer attache with shoulder strap
Expandable Computer Attache Bag

Item # LA1160-7

Price : $239.00

$149.98 (12 minimum)

black leather computer messenger bag with shoulder strap
Black Leather Computer Messenger

Item # LA1162-7

Price : $215.00

flapover leather briefcase with buckled straps
NEW : Flapover Executive Briefcase

Item # LA453-39

Price : $170.00

leather garment bag with adjustable shoulder strap
NEW : Leather Garment Bag

Item # LA449-39

Price : $245.00

black leather saddle bag briefcase
Saddle Bag Briefcase

Item # LA1163-31

Price : $225.00

black leather courier briefcase
Courier Briefcase

Item # LA1173-31

Price : $152.00

black leather zippered meeting case with shoulder strap
Deluxe Meeting Case

Item # LA887-27

Price : $175.00

small product photo
Compact Computer Case

Item # LA838-25

Price : $126.00

Distressed Leather Attache Briefcase
Distressed Leather Attache Briefcase

Item # LA816-25

Price : $127.80

black and tan Napa leather tote with riveted straps
NEW : Napa Leather Double Rivet Tote

Item # LA438-1

Price : $121.00

red Italian leather top zippered briefcase
Wide Gusset & Women's Briefcase

Item # LA936-5

Price : $285.00

black leather rolling briefcase totes
Rolling Briefcase Tote

Item # LA819-25

Price : $158.40

Napa Leather Attaches
Napa Leather Attaches

Item # LA863-25

Price : $120.60

Expandable Soft Leather Brief
Expandable Soft Leather Brief

Item # LA821-25

Price : $140.40 WSL

Expandable Leather Bags
Expandable Leather Bags

Item # LA818-25

Price : $125.00

black steerhide triple gusset flapover briefcase with buckled straps
Jack Georges Triple-Gusset Flapover Brief Bag

Item # LA900-5

Price : $548.00

Nylon and Leather Computer Brief
Nylon and Leather Computer Brief

Item # LA864-25

Price : $110.70

red Italian leather business tote
Italian Leather Business Tote

Item # LA937-5

Price : $285.00

Leather Vertical Bags
Leather Vertical Bags

Item # LA822-25

Price : $107.10

small product photo
Faux Leather Attache Case, Hard-Sided Business Briefcase

Item # LA823-25

Price : $37.80

European-Style Flapover
European-Style Flapover

Item # LA837-25

Price : $86.40

Leather Trim Vertical Messenger Bag
Leather Trim Vertical Messenger Bag

Item # LA825-25

Price : $107.10

black and tan leather iPad and tablet organizer bags
NEW : LeatherTablet Organizer

Item # LA1167-1

Price : $240.00

small product photo
Leather and Nylon Tote

Item # LA861-25

Price : $103.50

black and brown leather portfolio briefcases with drop handles
Leather Portfolio Case

Item # LA828-25

Price : $60.30

brown distressed leather messenger bag
Distressed Leather Messenger Bag

Item # LA829-25

Price : $108.00

Expandable Soft Compucase
Expandable Soft Compucase

Item # LA830-25

Price : $150.30

soft brandy-colored leather under arm portfolio with shoulder strap
Under Arm Portfolio Case

Item # LA888-27

Price : $200.00

Expandable Soft Sided Briefcase
Expandable Soft Sided Briefcase

Item # LA832-25

Price : $92.70

black and tan Napa cowhide tablet and e-reader day bags
NEW : Leather Digital Day Bag

Item # LA1166-1

Price : $130.00

small product photo
Expandable Faux Leather Attaché Case

Item # LA839-25

Price : $44.40

small product photo
Faux Leather Portfolio

Item # LA857-25

Price : $18.90


We offer a full line of leather briefcases for business, graduation gifts or travel. We encourage our customers to shop and compare our factory direct prices.